Phillip L. Slade
English 121
October 19, 2010
Toulmin Analysis O’Malley-Ehrlich Debate
For my Toulmin Analysis of the O’Malley-Ehrlich gubernatorial debate I chose the topic of the economy. Though short, each candidate chose a different claim on the topic of Maryland’s economic situation. O’Malley, our state’s current governor claims that though we are in difficult times, Maryland’s economy is on the rise. Ehrlich claims that our economy is suffering and though the public sector is growing, economic recovery has yet to reach the private sector of our state.
Governor O’Malley defends his claim of Maryland’s economy by saying that, our state is currently creating more jobs, specifically in the sectors of science and bio technology. He states that he has been supported by over 200 business people throughout the state of Maryland, many of which are leading the sectors of science and biotechnology. O’Malley also states that though Governor Ehrlich claims that the economy of Maryland is suffering, The United States Chamber of Commerce selected Maryland as one of the states leading in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Governor O’Malley’s final support of his claim is a set statistics from The U.S. Bureau of Labor which shows Maryland’s total job creation being around 33,000.
Former Governor Ehrlich defends his claim by stating that while Governor O’Malley claims that the public sector is growing, unemployment is still increasing. He also states that during his term as Governor of Maryland he held the unemployment rate to only 4%.
The warrants of each candidate are different, on one hand Governor O’Malley views all jobs equally, both private and public sectors. On the other hand Ehrlich views the private sector of business as a larger role player than the public sector.

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